Why does the optical HDMI cable appear?

2019-12-18  3502

The emergence of optical fiber HDMI cable means that the transmission distance is no longer limited. When there are many types of oxygenfree copper cores on the market, copper HDMI cables have a big problem, which is the transmission distance. For users who need a long distance for engineering, it is inconvenient to choose and buy, especially 4k signals are already very extensive, coupled with the emergence of HDR and the continuous improvement of data transmission, copper core HDMI cables have been difficult to meet people's needs. So, the optical fiber HDMI cable appeared.

More and more manufacturers on the market are launching optical fiber HDMI cables. Qiguang, the domestic audio and video equipment industry, has also launched 100-meter fiber-optic HDMI cables that support 4k @ 60hz and even 8k @ 60hz HD lossless transmission.

The optical fiber HDMI cable uses optical signal transmission, so it is significantly lighter than copper-core HDMI cable, has radiation protection function and does not have signal interference problems. Compared with copper-core HDMI cable, transmission is still stable in complex use environments.

In other industries, such as the projector industry, the requirements for HDMI cables are also very high. Projectors have begun to popularize 4K, and they also have requirements on the transmission distance. They must have a certain length and stability, so the projector industry likes the material of optical fiber HDMI cables very much because it can solve most of their problems.

I believe that you already know the history of the HDMI optical fiber cable. In fact, different industries have different requirements for the HDMI interface, so the selection is for reference only. If you have certain requirements for the HDMI interface, you may try the optical fiber HDMI cable. After all, 4k is backward compatible, and it is natural to buy a higher version of the product.