"Fiber Optic Cable Raw Material Standard" officially released

2019-12-18  2169

At the 2019 Global Optical Fiber and Cable Conference held recently, the world's first UV-LED curing coating for fiber optics, "Standard for Raw Materials for Optical Fiber and Cable," was officially released.

At present, there are many kinds of raw materials and auxiliary materials for optical fiber cables. They have different forms and different production control requirements, making it difficult to effectively implement the quality control and audit of optical fiber cables. In this context, the APC Association has issued the "Optical Fiber Optic Cable Raw Material Standard", which aims to promote the standardized and harmonious development of China and the global optical fiber optic cable raw material industry.

"Fiber Optic Cable Raw Material Standard" is the first international fiber optic cable raw material industry standard released after the establishment of the APC Association. It is also the first international fiber optic cable raw material standard applied to optical fiber UV-LED curing coatings. Based on the most advanced technology, many companies, such as Fiberhome Communications, have adhered to the concept of environmentally friendly, sustainable manufacturing and green manufacturing, and they have been prepared with the utmost efforts.

This standard mainly specifies the classification, technical requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, and storage of UV-LED curing coatings for optical fibers (LED coatings for short), and gives the typical working wavelengths of UV-LEDs (395nm , 385nm, 365nm), subdivided paint application scenarios (for communication, devices); for small diameter fibers (200μm, 180μm coated optical fibers), according to specific modulus, glass transition temperature, curing rate and other indicators, formulated The technical requirements of 7 types of coatings were added, and the requirements for the stability of liquid coatings were added to make the relevant performance parameters and testing methods more comprehensive.

This standard provides a basis for the production management of fiber and optical cable raw material manufacturers and supplier audits by unifying the technology and inspection management methods of fiber and optical cable raw materials. It also helps to standardize the production of fiber and optical cable raw materials. It also further improves the quality of fiber and optical cable products and improves optical fiber. The overall manufacturing level of the optical cable industry.