APC releases "Fiber Optic Cable Industry Market Outlook Report"

2019-12-18  1959

The next day, APC (Asia Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Industry Association) and Hengtong Group jointly hosted the 2019 Global Optical Fiber and Cable Conference at the Shanghai International Convention Center. During the meeting, APC released the 2019 Optical Fiber and Cable Industry Market Outlook Report.

Ge Jun, President of Fiberhome Communication Technology Co., Ltd., said at the launching ceremony that although 5G has been commercialized, large-scale construction has not yet started in China, and there has been a period of oversupply in the optical fiber and cable market, and fiber prices have also experienced large fluctuations. In this context, all major optical fiber and cable companies are accumulating, nurturing, exploring and thinking about future development directions. The more complicated the market situation, the more we need to keep a clear head; the more difficult the industry is, the more we need to work together to overcome difficulties. Only when the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain recognize the changes in the market, rational competition, and more understanding and less complaints, can we jointly promote the healthy development of the industry.

The "Fiber Optic Cable Industry Market Outlook Report" analyzes the global and Chinese optical fiber and cable industry status from the perspective of the global telecommunications market, analyzes the global optical fiber and cable production, optical fiber preforms, and optical fiber supply in detail, and comprehensively compares the countries (regions). And the production scale of various manufacturers, detailed statistics of the procurement needs of China's optical fiber and cable telecommunications operators and non-operators in the past two years, and forecast and forecast the optical fiber and cable market demand and development trends in many regions around the world. In addition, the report also deeply analyzes the financial data of global and Chinese optical fiber and cable companies, and compares the company's operating competitiveness index and market advantages and disadvantages.

The report believes that with the full launch of 5G commercial use, 5G construction will enter an accelerated period, and the market demand for fiber optic cables and optical communications is expected to once again become the focus of global industry attention. At the same time, fiber-to-the-home has developed rapidly around the world, and the demand for international communications has accelerated the breakthroughs in marine network technology. Looking forward to the future, all parties in the industry should strengthen cooperation, deepen the optical communication market, promote the implementation of intelligent applications in all walks of life, and use communications to benefit humanity worldwide.