Production Operator

Requirements: Responsible for production equipment operation, junior high school education or above, good health, no color blindness.

Salary and benefits: paid training, 10-day assessment, if you can use the computer to enter the piece count;

The piece rate is calculated according to the model specifications and output (length) produced daily, and the initial period is 3800 ~ 4500 yuan / month;

Skilled workers are 4500 ~ 6000 yuan / month, and some months can reach 7000 ~ 8000 yuan / month.

In addition, there are benefit bonuses, five insurances and one fund, and various benefits such as free working meals and high temperature subsidies.


1. Responsible for the inspection of the company's optical cable product indicators. No color blindness.

2, junior high school education or above, no experience required, paid training; initial piece rate of 3500 ~ 4000 yuan / month; skilled workers 4500 ~ 6000 yuan / month, and other bonus benefits

3. Interested parties please call for registration.

Equipment maintenance technician

1. Job responsibilities:

1.1 Responsible for daily maintenance of production equipment; installation and commissioning of newly installed production equipment;

1.2 According to the needs of process improvement and cost control, upgrade the production equipment.

2. Post requirements:

1. High degree or above, major in mechanical manufacturing, automation control, mechatronics, etc .;

2. Strong sense of responsibility and strong hands-on ability.

3. Unlimited work experience, on-the-job paid training.

R & D technician

1. Post responsibilities:

1.1 Check the implementation of daily production process and solve technical problems at production site.

1.2 Participate in quality monitoring and process improvement of major quality issues.

1.3 Participate in the company's new product research and development, new equipment debugging and equipment transformation.

2. Job requirements:

2.1 College degree or above, majors in chemistry, optics, physics, materials science, unlimited work experience, induction training.

2.2 Have strong learning ability, creativity, and the spirit of hard work.

2.3 I am interested in technical research in the optical cable industry.

Contact: Director Li


Phone 0754-88461019